Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Designing Whimmin’


You know those little 391-square-foot “complete home” displays at IKEA? We could never live in a space that small.

Sorry, New York friends. It’s the truth. Our storage unit filled with old costumes, Christmas decorations and off-season clothing is almost that big.

Besides, a small house or apartment means less room for accessorizing and showcasing our incredible level of taste.

Luckily, there are some key pieces from gay-owned Aesthetic Content in Dallas that work in every space, from the smallest Brooklyn walk-up to the biggest McMansion in Texas.

The business and personal duo of Patrick Farrell and David Hairgrove have created wonderful, stylish designs as part of their new ACDC line, which includes lighting, textiles, home decor products and luxury candles.

usa-09_05_14(2)Our favorite is the Soul Mate High Pedestal (shown above with the low version). We love it because it’s elegant with a simultaneously classic and modern vibe. The removable cork base makes it easy to wash the earthenware ceramic portion. Stack the low and high together for a two-tiered serving piece.

But we also really dig their candles, which elevate wick-n-wax to an art form with their soy-based creations in nine delightful fragrances, including Ginger Bomba, Citrus Paradisi and Grandma’s Dirty Pantyhose. (OK, just making sure you’re still paying attention.)

We love supporting fellow LGBT businesses no matter what, but it’s always easier when they’re selling something so appealing.

Their online store is coming soon, but the Aesthetic Content lines are expanding far beyond Texas and could be available at a tasteful boutique near you.

No offense, IKEA.

Aesthetic Content
Soul Mate Pedestals, $75-$85
Luxury Candles, $38
Find a store near you.