Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Love Muscle?


It’s the eternal struggle as a gay man: How to gain muscle while still maintaining silky smooth hands.

Because, you know, we’re always gripping things that prefer not to be attacked by heinous calluses.

That’s why we love GymPaws Weight Lifting Grips, a nice alternative to weight-lifting gloves, which we always feel make us look douchey at our health club. usa-09_19_14(2)Instead, GymPaws are more discreet by only protecting the portion of your hands that’s necessary to prevent damage to our precious palms.

They come in a variety of designs, too, from super-gay pink or animal print to cannabis leaves for the potheads.

They slip on and off easily between sets, unlike traditional versions that get all sweaty and gross. The no-slip design makes it downright comfortable to use free weights or machines that don’t have padded grips.

Using GymPaws makes it simpler than ever to get the drool-worthy muscles we crave.

And the hands of a princess.

GymPaws, $16.99 (sale price)