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The 5 Hottest Guys On Grindr


In an internet media world filled with Top 27 This, Most Incredible That and Grumpy Cat Everything, we found an actual list we think you’ll genuinely care to see.

Because it involves beautiful college dudes.

When Grindr asked for submissions to select a group of five collegiate users from all over the U.S., they received more than 500 submissions. Sadly, they had to narrow those pics down to their five favorite University Hotties.

But on the upside, they picked some great ones – click on each of these hotties for an enlarged, up close look for yourself.

Our favorite is Joseph (above). He’s a Junior at Metropolitan State University, a business management major and a yoga instructor. We’d be happy to show him our best downward facing dog. Several times.

Then there’s Keegan, a Senior at University of Arkansas. Studying industrial engineering, he’s pretty damned dreamy. If our yard guy looked like this and showed up with Mimosas for us, we’d have our grass plowed daily.

Joseph takes in-car selfies to a new level. Just check out the biceps on this University of the Pacific in Stockton Junior. He’s striving to be a model and we’re pretty sure he’ll succeed. Though we probably need to see more of him to really be sure.


Justin is a Senior at Huntingdon College. He’s a singer and musician studying to be a music educator. There’s only one instrument we’re thinking of right now, but we’re sure he can blow a mean tune on the trumpet, too.

Despite the fact that frat guy Ryan from Utah State University is committing the cardinal sin of sending a bathroom selfie with a dirty mirror and messy table, we’ll forgive him. And offer our professional profile pic photo services for free. We’re giver.