Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

When Ricky Met Jennifer


Today’s story was originally going to focus solely on the release of the new Jennifer Hudson album, JHUD.

But then we got word of Ricky Martin’s first single off his upcoming 2015 album and we couldn’t resist putting him in the spotlight, too. Because damn if he isn’t still one of the sexiest men ever.

So even though JHUD has become a vocal supporter of the LGBT community, we’ll always have a soft spot (and a few hard ones) for out-and-proud Ricky Martin, especially since we know that theoretically we could end up as his future husband.


His new album isn’t out until next year, but the first single, “Adiós” (Goodbye) symbolizes a farewell to his old life and the start of a new chapter. Plus, it gets our hips girating like crazy.


Jennifer Hudson’s third studio album is also filled with great booty-shakin’ singles, too. She’s proving a formidable diva with every new song and we’re glad to welcome her to the elite group of female singers we worship.

So take a minute to support both Team JHUD and Team RMART.

Then get ready to be a dancing queen all weekend long.

“Adiós”, Ricky Martin
$1.29 at amazon.com
$1.29 on iTunes

JHUD, Jennifer Hudson
$7.99 (digital); $9.97 CD at amazon.com
$7.99 on iTunes