Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Coupling On Camera


Most photos of us with our boyfriend are the kind we hope hackers don’t leak onto the internet.

But apparently, there are other gay couples in the world who pose for G-rated pictures. Who knew?

Nusa-09_26_14(2)ow 65 of those couples are profiled with the love stories in a new book out today called First Comes Love: Portraits of Enduring LGBTQ Relationships.

Curated from a larger exhibition of photos, love stories and video interviews, this book of portraits from photographer Barbara Proud (aka B. Proud) is a gorgeous collection of images that capture the essence of 65 long-term American couples who’ve been together between 10 and 50+ years.

It’s a photographic celebration of love in its many unique forms.

And not a nip-slip in the bunch.

First Comes Love, B Proud, $50
Out Today