Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

She’s Having Nun Of It


Anyone who’s been to our house knows our obsession with nuns. From our cast-iron nun bottle openers to our wind-up fire-breathing Nunzilla, let’s just say our irreverent fondness would get us slapped on the wrist with a ruler.

So when we received a copy of a story about a sister discovering that she was actually gay, we knew we had to read it. And her tale is as courageous and heartbreaking as it is inspirational.

usa-10_03_14(2)Cost of Truth is written by Julie K. Parrott, but tells the true story of Donna Gordon and how her life turned upside-down when she came out as gay. The Catholic Church annulled her 13-year marriage and ostracized her from family, friends and her five children. Then in 2012, she was diagnosed with bone cancer.

It’s a riveting read and a unique look into a truly complicated facet of the LGBT experience when religion and sexuality collide.

Donna may not breathe fire, but we think we’re officially obsessed with her nonetheless.

And proud to support her in her continued journey.

Cost of Truth
$3.99 (Kindle); $42.05 (hardcover); $25.23 (paperback)