Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

High-Tech Beanies, Baby!


Great. Just great. Another polar vortex is predicted this year, which means temperatures will plummet across the country.

We hate the cold, but we’re not going to let a few hundred feet of snow and ice keep us from our daily run. We’re just too dedicated to fitness. (Also, we love the hot toddy we reward ourselves with afterward.)

Well, now there’s a new beanie that’s perfect for all outdoor activities in cold weather because it keeps you connected to the digital world. It’s called 1 Voice, a Bluetooth enabled hat with built- in headphones that stream music from your favorite device.

That means no wires to get tangled up in it. And if paired with your mobile phone, you can even receive phone calls. The built-in microphone doesn’t offer the clearest reception, but at least you’ll know you have a call and can stop to use your actual handheld.

1 Voice also created a Bluetooth headband version with built-in earbuds should you need something just to keep sweat out of your face at the gym or anywhere that a head-warming tech-filled beanie isn’t needed.

You know, like next summer when the temperature hits 130 in Colorado.

1 Voice
Beanie: $69.99
Headband: $59.99