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10 Question in 10 Minutes with Tom Peters


Catching up with Tom Peters is no easy task. The Berlin-based DJ, music producer, promoter and clothing designer is a nonstop creative machine. Known by many as the man behind a line of T-shirts adorned with clever, heartfelt slogans, Peters is also making big waves as DJ/music producer. He’s built a loyal following on a signature sound that weaves together dreamy melodies with razor-sharp electronic beats.

We recently got the chance to sit down with this creative tour de force and chat with him about everything from music and fashion, to art and life.

He Said Magazine: What inspires you?
Tom Peters: I think daily life is what inspires me most. Just living here in Berlin and paying attention to all the sights and sounds around me is always incredibly inspiring. Getting the chance to travel is also a great source of inspiration for me

HSM: Was there a moment when you knew you wanted to make music?
TP: I was thirteen and listening to music with friends. One of them had managed to get a live recording from a club. It was really rare to hear a live recording from a club in my hometown of Demmin. I remember the recording was from The Bunker in Greifswald. I had never heard anything like it. I never really connected with Pop and when I heard that, it was sort of like going into a dream.

HSM: How has living in Berlin helped you grow creatively?
TP: When I first moved here, it was dark and lonely and I felt a little disconnected. I was going out a lot and always searching for exciting new moments and sounds. I think it led me to be in a more dreamy space and helped to build my sound. Many record stores also helped, especially Rotation.

HSM: If there was one artist you cold work with, who would it be?
TP: Dixon from Innervisions. He’s been my favorite DJ since I began making music. What he plays is not just a set of music but more of a journey you go with him on throughout the whole set.

HSM: Your T-shirt line is known for slogans like, “Don’t worry, everything is going to be amazing” and “I think about you all the time.” Where did you get the idea to create this line?
TP: The slogans came to me when I first moved to Berlin and was feeling disconnected and things weren’t going my way…or as fast as I wanted them to. I kept reminding myself that everything was going to be amazing but it might just take a little bit more time. From there, I started documenting life through these slogans and putting them on T-shirts I custom designed. Right now, I have 20 slogans on shirts and am planning a new line in 2015.

HSM: Being on the forefront of fashion and music, what is one trend you love right now? And, is there a trend you just can’t stand?
TP: I’m loving the new Bomber jacket from Crab and anything by Unconditional. One look I can’t stand right now is the gothic look that’s happening in Berlin’s nightlife. It was the look in east London–three years ago!

HSM: What’s the one thing about Berlin that Americans probably don’t know?
Experience more of the city during the day. Get a bike and go through the city and explore the galleries, parks, art scene. There is a lot more to Berlin than nightlife.

HSM: What’s your greatest extravagance?
It’s hard to say because I feel like I have everything.

HSM: What’s your current state of mind?
TP: I’m feeling more positive than I have been and also remembering that nobody said it’s going to be easy.

For more information visit TomPetersWorld.com