Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Make Every Month Movember


We love Movember.

But only because of the men’s health issues it brings attention to, not the actual growing of facial hair.

Every year since Movember started, we’ve caught flack for not growing a moustache ourselves. Vain as it is, we won’t do it because we’ve sprouted one before and we look like a 1970s porn star or some sort of sexual predator. (The same reason we don’t participate in Trenchcoatember, either.)

We do want to show our support for the month-long event, though, and we’ve found a stylish way to sport a moustache without looking like a total perv.


All we have to do is slip on the handmade aluminum Mustache Tie Clip from Kevin Coss Designs and voila!—instant show of support.

Plus, it’s whimsical and attention-grabbing enough for any month of the year, along with all his designs, which include sports themes and simple clips, too.

Of course, if you do grow a moustache for Movember, more power to you. The tie clip will just earn you double the karma points.

And possibly a Best Dressed award at the office.

Kevin Coss Tie Clips, $15-$25
Mustache Tie Clip (as shown), $25
Find them at etsy.com



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