Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Wicked ‘Whiches Of The East


If you don’t live east of 75 or have hookups near White Rock Lake, it’s possible you’ve never heard of Goodfriend.

Well, that changes now.

The first lesson for newbies (and even those who’ve been going for years), is that the name of the beer garden and burger house is Goodfriend. No “s” at the end. (Just like JCPenney or Nordstrom.)

The second lesson is to come hungry. Because the burgers are huge and the beer selection is so expansive that you’ll want to try a variety of each.


Owners Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling (pictured) have revamped the menu with several fantastic additions.

Ease into your red meat marathon with the new JCBC appetizer. Chicken, jalapeños and cheddar cheese are wrapped in bacon and fried, creating an impossibly addictive indulgence, especially when paired with their holy-sh*t-it’s-spicy ghost pepper ranch.

Speaking of flaming, the Annihilator burger showcases a fiery sauce made from habañero, ghost peppers and scorpion chiles atop habañero jack cheese.

If you prefer to remain on speaking terms with your taste buds, however, the lamb-and-tzatziki-fused Foka is much more conservative, but packed with Greek flavors.

Or go for an old standby made even better. The Chinstrap (pictured) now features a bacon-bleu cheese mousse that melts into the burger for bite after delectable bite of salty satisfaction.

Every time we’ve eaten here, the burgers come out slightly rarer than what we ordered, so you should be safe to order a half-step up on your usual temperature preference.

New desserts are worth sharing, too, especially the must-order seasonal cheesecake.

Goodfriend is well worth the trip (and parking nightmare) to get your burger fix.

With a gluten-free lager chaser.

1154 Peavy Road, Dallas