Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

To Serve, Then Protect


You know the date-night-at-home routine: Turn on some romantic music, dim the lights, pour a glass of wine, then unroll a condom.

Because you’ll want to keep the rest of that bottle of Pinot Noir fresh while you’re in the other room having all sorts of sex.

Yes, the condom we’re talking about is for keeping unconsumed vino from going bad. It’s a problem we’ve never had because we’ve never not finished a bottle, but apparently there are people out there who are much more dainty in their drinking habits.


Wine Condoms come individually wrapped in traditional foil packaging and each specially sized protection device creates a water-tight seal that fits just over the neck of any bottle of wine or beer.

They come in a 10-pack, so unlike the other kind, one box could last for much longer than a single night.

Wine Condoms, $10/10-pack

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