Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tongue & Cheeky


We’re the world’s worst at accents.

Every time we try to sound French, we sound Indian.

Every time we try to sound German, we sound Indian.

And when we actually intend to sound Indian, it comes out Eastern Scandinavian.


But bad accents make for plenty of laughs, especially when combined with the absurdly ridiculous phrases in our favorite new game, Utter Nonsense!

The rules are simple, too.


The first person to judge passes out a phrase card to each person then reveals an accent that everyone must use to deliver the words on their card. The judge then determines whose interpretation is the funniest.

Results are unpredictable and downright hilarious.

Especially when we break out our pirate accent.

By way of Mumbai, of course.

Utter Nonsense! Game, $30

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