Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Burgers, Exclamation Point!

dal-12_23_14Dallas, we have a new burger joint.

Yes, we know we could practically write that sentence on a twice-daily basis, but this is a monumental discovery.


That’s also the name of the restaurant, a new-to-Texas burger chain with a fondness for exclamation points and top-notch ingredients. We’ll forgive them of their claim to provide an eatertainment experience and focus on what they do far better than coining new phrases: food.

Starters are what you’d expect, but each features nice twists.

Take the superbly meaty Eureka! Wings, which are coated in a firecracker aioli to bring the heat of traditional buffalo sauce and mellow it out with a nice creaminess. No ranch needed.


There are salads if you’re feeling healthyish, tacos if you don’t get enough in your diet and substantial entrees ranging from pan-seared salmon to an all-day breakfast burrito.

But, c’mon. It’s burger time. And these are truly the best we’ve eaten in months.

Our favorites are the Napa Burger with Roma tomato, pesto aioli, Havarti, pancetta and arugula and the Fresno Fig Burger with fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula and spicy mustard.

But it’s the limited-availability Bone Marrow Burger that was the hands-down victor. A decadent bone marrow porcini butter melts slowly into the thick beef patty, which rests atop a slab of charbroiled onion, mustard aioli and oven-roasted tomato. It’s definitely not a first-date burger, but quite possibly worth losing a guy over.

All burgers are served with absolutely perfect Kennebec potato fries, hand-cut in-house. Resist the temptation to stray to other sides.

Ask your server to pair your burger with a beer and soon you might find yourself laughing and smiling uncontrollably.

Hmmm, maybe eatertainment is a thing after all.

3700 McKinney Avenue, Suite 126, Dallas
(near the new J. Crew across from West Village)