Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Royal Visit To Texas


Sure, our first choice would be Seven Minutes in Heaven with Prince William, but there’s another Royal encounter that’s officially bumped that wish down a few notches.

Mainly because it’s more likely to actually happen.

Fellow Texans, rejoice in Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky, available exclusively to those of us living in the Lone Star State for months before the rest of the world gets a chance.

dal-01_06_15(2)Bottled direct from the barrel, the whisky made from Coffey Rye is a little more potent than traditional Crown (103 proof versus 80), but just as smooth and enjoyable neat or on the rocks. (Please don’t spoil this with cola!)

There’s a rich oakiness that immediately defines the whisky’s character, but then mellow flavors of cream and fruit challenge first impressions. It really opens up nicely after it’s been in the glass a few minutes, and it’s ideal for warming up in front of a roaring winter fire.

Of course, it comes in a signature plush Crown Royal Bag (our Mom’s favorite place to store her Scrabble tiles) and features the addition of a special medallion that hangs from the neck.

So grab a bottle while you can and make sure to rub it in to your friends in every other state.

Because it’s always great to have another Texas bragging right.

Crown Royal Single Barrel Whisky, $55 (750ml)
Available exclusively at liquor stores throughout Texas