Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Puttin’ On The Spritz


Egg nog is a December holiday drink for a reason.

Because people would revolt at the thought of consuming heavy cream, eggs and whisky in January, this brief month of health consciousness.

But there’s a drink that’s just made for resolution makers (and breakers, too).

3+Bottles+-page-001Fill up your glass with SpikedSeltzer, a purified water drink that blends citrus essence and a small amount of sugar to ferment naturally into a stronger-than-beer 6% alcohol by volume and just 5g of carbs (a Budweiser, by comparison, is 5% ABV and 10.6g carbs).

Available in West Indies Lime, Valencia Orange and Indian River Grapefruit (our fave), SpikedSeltzers are going to be stocked in our beverage refrigerator long after the groundhog pops out for shadow analysis in February.

Just think what a perfect summer pool drink this will be.

Assuming we can get rid of our hot-buttered-rum belly by then, of course.

SpikedSeltzer, $8.99 (6-pack)
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