Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

App For A Nap


Gone are the days of seedy motels that rent by the hour.

Well, gone are the days that we’d be ever set foot in one.

But there are still occasions when booking a hotel room for a few hours during the day is a superb idea.


Perhaps you’re on a long layover and a hot shower and quick nap would make the next flight so much more tolerable.

Maybe your boyfriend is off work for the week and you need a quiet place to escape his list of chores.

Or there’s always the reason we’re all thinking a daytime hotel room could come in handy—$26 cheeseburgers, access to the hotel pool and all the mini shampoos you can use in seven hours.


Simply download the app or visit the website. Then you’ll have immediate access to book a room during set timeframes for the date you need it. Cancellation is easy and you don’t pay until checkout, so it’s fast and convenient to book in high-quality hotels.

Right now, it’s only available in Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, New York City, Miami and Philadelphia but expansion is coming very soon.

It’s a really cool idea that could revolutionize the way travelers experience a city.

And just imagine the possibilities if they combined forces with Grindr and Scruff.

Woof. Unlock. King-size, non-smoking, ocean-view.

Pay-per-view porn no longer needed.

Free download for iPhone
Or book at HotelsByDay.com