Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Go On A Gender Bender


Growing up with Sesame Street and having a then-unexplainable attraction to Bob Johnson (and a little bit of a crush on Ernie), we feel like we’ve come full-circle with PBS.

Because they’re launching a new digital series called First Person that’s all about sexuality and gender identity (something we don’t think the Muppets have sung about yet).

Hosted by Kristin Russo, the co-founder of LGBT youth organization Everyone Is Gay, the series launches with topics including transgender transitions on YouTube, bisexual erasure, queer fashion and coming out in sports. The series will feature interviews with people who have, of course, experienced these things first-person.

New episodes debut every two weeks, so set a reminder and prepare to better understand what other people in our community are experiencing.

After all, we’re fully aware that not everyone in the LGBT world shares our perspective of men who love men.

And the occasional felt puppet.

First Person
Debuts Thursday, February 25, 2015

New episodes every two weeks