Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mind Your Own Fizz’ness


Bubbles are always a star attraction.

Without them, Champagne is just flat wine. Don Ho would be singing about tiny record sales. And a jacuzzi would be nothing more than a bunch of naked men sitting in a thousand gallons of hot water.

usa-03_13_15(2)So any chance to add a little fizzazz to life is always welcome.

That’s why we love SodaStream. We reviewed an early model years ago when people were just discovering the concept. Today, they’ve revolutionized the make-at-home soda industry with a variety of useful features and a bigger-than-ever portfolio of soda flavors.

We use our new SodaStream Play primarily to make seltzer, the secret ingredient to the ubiquitous gay Vodka Soda, but it can also be used for creating delicious tonic, sparkling Ocean Spray cranberry and margarita mix.

Pretty much any cocktail you can dream up, SodaStream can make it sparklier—all for pennies on the dollar compared to prepackaged mixers that go flat and get thrown out (not to mention all that packaging waste).

usa-03_13_15(3)Better still, right now you can order your SodaStream (or look for specially marked packages) with a code for ordering a free easy-to-apply skin. Choose designs from their extensive graphics library or upload your own images and add text for a completely custom look.

Now making gay cocktails can come from an even gayer machine.

We’re bubbling over with excitement!

SodaStream Play Starter Kit, $89.99
Free Shipping over $50 with promo code FREEFIZZ