Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Euro-Pop Leather Daddy


Disco. Euro-pop. New-wave. Leather. Gay sex appeal.

Take a little DNA from each of those concepts and mix them all together. The result is Derek Bishop, an out singer/songwriter whose new album, Bicycling in Quicksand releases today.

He gained quite the LGBT following after his first album, Resistance is Beautiful, but he’s going to find exponentially more fans with this sophomore effort.

The album’s first single, “Baggage,” is already providing the soundtrack to many a dance party in clubs and living rooms across the world.

The rest of the album continues with the trademark honesty and open-book nature of his sexuality and life experiences, elevating merely catchy tunes into deep-thought territory.

Until we paid attention to the lyrics, our deepest thought was how he he’s going to get out of those leather pants at the end of the day.

Good thing the entire world isn’t so shallow.

Bicycling in Quicksand, Derek Bishop
$8.99 on iTunes
$8.99 (MP3); $9.99 (CD) at amazon.com

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