Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Oh, Sandy!


We’re not big on souvenirs.

For whatever reason, as soon as we turned 30 we no longer felt the need to have a shot glass, fridge magnet and commemorative spoon from every vacation.

We’d rather spend money on making memories. (And cocktails.)

But there’s a company that’s creating wonderful wearable mementos that will make us think of our favorite experiences for years to come.

You’ve got to check out Dune Jewelry, also known as the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company. They make custom rings, cuff links, tie bars, belt buckles and key chains for men (and a slew of items for women) with one unique feature: sand.

But not just any finely ground rock and mineral particles. No, they use sand that has meaning to you personally.

Visit their site and select sand from all seven continents, often specific to one particular beach (even on Antarctica!).

usa-04_22_15(2)One of our favorite spots on earth is Puerto Vallarta, so we had a pair of cufflinks made from sand gathered there. Now we can daydream of afternoons spent on Los Muertos Beach at Blue Chairs drinking piña coladas. Even if we’re in a boring meeting at an airport hotel in Tulsa.

Dune Jewelry is quite possible the best way ever to commemorate a special vacation.


And much more fashionable than an Official Bikini Inspector t-shirt.


Dune Jewelry