Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Valley Of The Deals


We firmly believe in second chances.

And not turning our backs just because something’s old.

Exhibit A: Celine Dion’s career.

Exhibit B: That joke.

So imagine how excited we get at a garage sale.


Or what prefer to think of as a place to adopt something unwanted and give it a forever home. Well, at least a place to live until we forget to buy a hostess gift, the party’s in an hour and we’re pretty sure she collects ceramic unicorns and has an immunity to lead poisoning.

This Friday and Saturday, there’s a BIG sale where we can get our bargaining on and help out AIDS Arms LifeWalk in the process.

The Guys & Dolls LifeWalk Team produces so many events during the year, but this one involves fewer cocktails and drag queens.

Or so we think.

Guys and Dolls Charity Garage Sale
Friday, May 8th (8am to 4pm)

Saturday, May 9th (8am-4pm)
3646 Timberview Road, Dallas,
Details at allevents.in