Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cheese Fries & Sad Goodbyes

dal-05_29_15Today’s story requires a soundtrack, so take a moment and hit play on the video below for full effect.

The scene: Snookie’s on Oak Lawn, second to last booth on the lefthand wall.

The occasion: Our very first date with a man.

More than two decades later, we’re still with that same fella and we religiously visit the restaurant every September 30 to order the same loaded cheese fries, honey mustard chicken sandwiches, Electric Lemonades and Margarita Meltdowns (with Grand Marnier, of course) that we did way back in 1993.

Come this September, we’ll have to find a new tradition (or perhaps a new man) because after 26 years, Snookie’s will be no more.

Yes, this Sunday, they close their doors for good after losing their lease.

Devotees already know this news, but we encourage everyone to go relive their own Snookie’s memories or make new ones during the restaurant’s few final hours. There’s a farewell bash tonight, which will undoubtedly be equal parts celebratory and bittersweet.

We went one last time Tuesday night and it was as good as ever. Like always, the place was filled with gays, proving that this is a neighborhood institution that has welcomed LGBT customers since 1989.

Our final order of cheese fries came loaded with cheddar, bacon, ranch dressing, jalapeños…

And more than a few tears.

Snookie’s Final Weekend
Tonight to Sunday