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Fave Five: Cuties, Classics, Traffic & Trolls

Crushes come and go, but socks are forever. Wait, that’s not right. Maybe it’s classic movies I’m thinking of. Sure, let’s go with that…and all my other faves of the week.

michael urire(2)

Michael Urie

I’m crushing so hard on Michael Urie these days. He’s adorable, funny, quirky and sooo cute. (Yes, I realize that makes me sound like a tween girl.) Fortunately, there’s a lot to see of Michael recently, including every Sunday on Logo TV’s “Cocktails & Classics.”

Michael and some of his besties (including my college friend D.J. Pierce, a.k.a. Shangela) banter while watching gay faves, like Auntie Mame, Steel Magnolias, Sunset Boulevard and Barbarella. It’s so fun that I’ve actually found myself fast-forwarding through the movie just so I could see more of dreamy Michael and the rest of the gang.



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