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Fave Five: Food for the Soul, Tummy & Eyes

My Fave Fives for this week are good to the soul, the stomach, the heart and the eyes…especially the eyes.

jordanbachJordan Bach

Motivational, inspirational, hot.

Those words, not necessarily in that order, are easily the three most accurate adjectives to describe spiritual guru Jordan Bach. You may know him from Logo’s “Secret Guide to Fabulous” or maybe just from his prolific presence on Instagram, where he shares tips on being happier, healthier and just a generally better person.

If you love Oprah as much as I do (and Jordan does), you’re going to like him…even if you’re just looking at the pretty pictures.

Website: www.thebachbook.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/thebachbook/featured
Insta: instagram.com/thebachbook



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