Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lightning & Thunderf*ck

usa-06_23_15Man, we miss old-fashioned record stores.

Because just think of the fun we’d have today walking up to the counter and demanding a copy of Osmond Family Christmas. And one fresh, still-in-the-wrapper Alaska Thunderfuck ANUS.

Yes, the RuPaul’s Drag Race star releases her debut album today and it’s fierce, fabulous, and freakishly thunderfucked up.

Tracks include explicit-lyric laden instant hits “Hieeee,” “Pussy,” and “Your Makeup Is Terrible,” and 11 others.

It’s hard to decide which we like better, the official video for “Hieeee” (above) or the unofficial version she created just for her fans (below).

What we do know is that we’ve cranked the volume to high.

So we can enjoy ANUS in every room of our house.

ANUS, Alaska Thunderfuck
Out today
$6.99 on iTunes
$8.99 at amazon.com



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