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Pickled Tequila Shots

Pickle-ShotsAfter the delicious success of our last post, we began to think about what else could benefit from being doused in pickle juice… Then the thinking got hard, so we decided we needed a drink, then, EUREKA! Pickled tequila shots were born. Or in this case, ¡ENRIQUE!

Pickle Shots - 1    Pickle Shots - 1 (2)

Pickle Shots - 1 (3)    Pickle Shots - 2

What better way to make our summer trips to the lake that much more fun than skipping “go” and getting straight to the point. There’s an old myth that drinking pickle juice will help cure a hangover. So, naturally, we figured we could start our lake days out with these and kill two birds with one stone. Sort of like taking Plan B the BEFORE a big night out.

Pickle Shots - 5    Pickle Shots - 7

We personally prefer regular dill pickle juice, but feel free to play around with the garlic and spicy varieties too (get ready for some dungeon-butt breath though) . You can even get your grandparents turnt for the day with some classic bread and butter, preferably with a Werther’s Original chaser.

pickled tequila shots
makes 2 shots

  • 2 ounces good, silver tequila We prefer Patrón
  • 1 ounce dill pickle juice
  • Tajín Classic Seasoning
  • 1 lime

In a cocktail shaker, pour tequila and pickle juice over ice. Shake well. Strain over two shot glasses dressed with the Tajín Classic Seasoning.

Lick. Shoot. Lime. Repeat.



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