Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Same-Socks Equality

usa-07_15_15Land of the free. Home of brave fashion risk-takers.

There’s a new accessory that celebrates everything we’ve achieved this year with flamboyant, rainbow-colored flair.

In a pre-June 26, 2015 world, foot protection was defined strictly as “one left sock and one right sock.”

But now with true equality the law of the land, we can proudly wear two right socks, two left socks, one ankle sock and one knee-high. There’s no limit to the possibilities because expressing who we are is a fundamental right.

That’s why we’ll be sporting Love is Love ankle socks from Living Royal whenever we feel like showing our undying gay pride.

Hell, we aren’t even ashamed that they’re polyester.

Love is Love Ankle Socks, $8