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Well, Let Me Say This About That Trump

Miss Craig gives us her hilarious opinion on presidential candidate Donald Trump in this week’s Well, Let Me Say This About That, just in time for Thursday’s Fox Presidential Debate. And speaking of which, Miss Craig gives us his gay guide to the republican presidential debate – a must read!


With so much hype about the upcoming debate, I needed to figure out who I should be rooting for Thursday night. Time for a little reflection on the stated positions about our community taken by the honored ten who will grace that stage. But, as none of them…not one…is a supporter of gay folks, I’m forced to be contented with putting them on a sliding scale of awfulness.

Here’s the thumbnail sketch for the worst of the group. Mike Huckabee: “resist and reject judicial tyranny.” Ben Carson: compared being gay to pedophilia and bestiality. Ted Cruz: Ignore the Supreme Court. Chris Christie: “Christie-type justices would not have supported marriage equality. Scott Walker: ban on gay scoutmasters “protects children.” Not a Friend of Dorothy in the lot, but they’re all singing “If I Only Had a Brain.”

TIME magazine printed a piece from Rand Paul on marriage equality that was so rambling and poorly written that I wished he had plagiarized his position just one more time. I wasn’t sure what he was trying to say, but I’m pretty sure I disagreed with it.

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and John Kasich all believe in “traditional marriage”—which is code for I’m not for marriage equality, but I’m not one of THEM. These are the guys who give themselves some wiggle room with talk of everyone respecting everyone else, while they disrespect us all by trying to have it both ways.

But I will give Governor Kasich his due. He did say what I think is appropriate to say when your side loses—“It’s time to move on.”

I had to pick someone to root for because Rick Perry didn’t make the cut. Rick Perry (circa 1985, handsome and a Democrat…you heard me right) looked an awful lot like Mr. Clark, who lived next door when I was growing up. Mr. Clark spent a good deal of time dressed in tennis whites. And that’s all I’m saying about that.

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