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Rocky Mountain High-Style

usa-08_07_15(5)Luxury knows no season. We heard that from a rich meteorologist once.

But while most of the country is bathed in a sticky layer of oppressive heat, Colorado is bathed in blue skies, cool breezes and breathtaking beauty around every turn.

We recently visited Denver and the surrounding areas and despite the taunting of one local espresso shop owner in a tiny mountain village, we opted out of pitching a tent in the wilderness in favor of stays at two very different (but equally luxurious) resorts. The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch (above) and the Ritz-Carlton Denver both feature the exquisite service and comfort you’d expect from the brand. And then some.

Airfare to Denver is usually extremely affordable before the first snow falls, set out on whatever adventures you desire, knowing luxury awaits when you’re done.



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