Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bitters Much?

usa-08_21_15Plurp! Schlip! Bloip!

The difference between a simple cocktail and one that keeps your party guests happy (and impressed) is only a drop away.

The secret bartenders have known for decades is a little thing called bitters.

Even a dash in something as ordinary as a vodka lemonade can bring a nuance and depth of flavors that seems a lot harder than it is. Even nonalcoholic drinks like iced tea can be taken to the next level of enjoyment.

And right now, we’re all about Hella Bitters.usa-08_21_15(2)Handcrafted in New York, one small batch at a time, these bitters are the bomb.

We recommend getting the Five Flavor Bitters Bar Set, which includes smoked chili, citrus, aromatic, orange and ginger-lemon bitters in one convenient package.

Because if there’s one thing gay men love to do, it’s experiment.

Hella Bitters
$9.95 (single bottle); $34.95 (5-bottle sampler)



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