Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Common Ground

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.14.28 PMWell, something happened this week that made me realize that there may still be one thing about which we can all agree.

Obviously, we can’t agree on the Iran Agreement (Deal or No Deal!), comprehensive immigration reform, or the possibility of Joe Biden entering the presidential race. I’m not saying we should; I’m just saying we don’t.

Donald Trump has us disagreeing on whether or not he’s a serious candidate, whether or not he should talk more about policy, and whether or not he should just keep calling people idiots and incompetent. Personally, I think he’s more entertaining now than when he was starring on “The Apprentice.”

And, with almost any topic, we disagree while taking ourselves OH SO SERIOUSLY. What happened to our sense of humor?

Ok, so here goes…how’s this for common ground? At lunch, my companion (you know who you are, and many of you could probably guess) excuses himself to the restroom before we leave the restaurant. I take the opportunity to refresh my lipstick and to observe the others in the restaurant. (People watching is far more entertaining than bird watching, don’t you think?)

I spy a couple in the corner. He is eating tacos, with his fingers, as one does. He is also swiping away at his tablet. Bite, swipe, bite, swipe. Nasty, just nasty. Agree?

Same couple. She pulls out her cosmetic pouch…Vuitton, to be sure. She opens a compact, not to powder her nose, but to apply makeup to her entire face. Then, she pulls out a tube of concealer, applies it under her eyes using her middle finger (can you imagine?), and then proceeds to extract a lip pencil. After lining her lips, she then proceeds to put on her lipstick.

At this juncture, I am getting seriously alarmed about how far her table top toilette is going to go. Mercifully, it stopped there, preventing me from having a seizure. Nasty again. Agree?

So, we did it. We found common ground. So long as that is the only “common” thing to which I am expected to subscribe.



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