Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Rap Star

dal-09_01_15If there’s one thing we learned from being kidnapped by Dr. Phil and forced to make women’s panties from nothing but gummy-bear vitamins and old photos of our dreamy college roommate, it’s to live life to the fullest.

We’re not sure if that all really happened or if it was just the Ambien/boxed White Zinfandel combo during an Orange Is The New Black marathon, but the message still rings true.

And one of the ways we maximize our enjoyment on this planet is to always start dinner with a cocktail and end it with dessert. Preferably at our new favorite Lowest Greenville hangout: Rapscallion.

Start with a craft cocktail from the inventive selections. Our favorite, name notwithstanding, is the G-spot. It’s what they call a “quickie cocktail,” larger than a shot, smaller than a regular concoction and perfect for enjoying while waiting on a table. Cucumber-infused gin, fresh mint, ginger and lime are served super-chilled and ready to sip, not slam.dal-09_01_15(2)That’ll give you the courage to make some tough decisions from a food menu filled with must-orders. To make things easier, make sure to include two of their best-sellers: the burger and the Nashville-style hot fried chicken. Then build the rest of your order around those, knowing that dessert is required, too.

We recommend the cabrito kebab, the biggest surprise of all the starters we sampled. Grilled flatbread is stuffed with goat, yogurt, herb salad, pistachios and watermelon rind. The Indian spices are unexpected but welcome. Even the pork belly cracklins get a curried twist.dal-09_01_15(3)To end the evening, skip the bizarre absinthe-infused ice cream float and opt for the absolutely perfect pineapple upside-down cake with cardamom caramel and buttermilk ice cream. We can’t get it out of our dreams.

Much like riding the world’s tallest roller coaster with Caitlyn Jenner in Antarctica.

2023 Greenville Avenue, #103, Dallas

Photos by Kevin Marple