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How To Be A Luxury-Leather Daddy

usa-09_02_15Big is better. Again.

Much as the trend in mobile phones went from teeny-tiny to massive slabs of digital delight, the same has happened to how we listen to our music and other media.

Gone, for the most part, are the ubiquitous white iPod earbuds that were once the audio status symbol. Now, the bigger the headphones, the better.

But as we know all too well, size is only important if the massiveness is accompanied by beauty. (Or at least a gentle touch.)

That’s exactly what you’ll find with PRYMA headphones from WOM (World of McIntosh), a new line launching this week.

Handmade in Italy, they’re true stunners in the often utilitarian world of technology products. Ultra-high-quality sound is made even better with die-cast aluminum ear cups and interchangeable Italian leather headbands.

They are available in five gorgeous designs (Coffee & Cream, Pure Black, Heavy Gold, Rose Gold & Dark Grey and Carbon Marsala Carbon Fiber Edition).

Wear these and people will talk.

You just won’t be able to hear them.

PRYMA Headphones, $499
Available for Pre-Order Now