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Pride Weekend Guide: September 17-20

dal-09_17_15Forget those silly double rainbows. This week, there are millions across the city as we celebrate Dallas Pride.

We’ve already told you about Dick’s Happy Hour, a special Pride Workout, the Red Party and Gay Day at Six Flags. But wait, there’s more!


dal-09_17_15(3)Outrageous Oral: The Pride Parade
Learn the fabulous history of the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade from people who were actually there more than three decades ago.
The Full Scoop: www.thedallasway.org


dal-09_17_15(2)Shine: The Dallas Pride Pool Party
It’s raining men! Or should we say, it’s splashing men at this afternoon pool soirée at SISU in Uptown.
The Full Scoop: www.purplefoundation.org

dal-09_17_15(5)Rainbowlicious Gaybingo
A multi-colored extravaganza of balls and cash prizes.
The Full Scoop: www.rcdallas.org


dal-09_17_15(6)The Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade
It’s the biggest street celebration for LGBT citizens and our allies in the entire south!
The Full Scoop: www.dallaspride.org

For tons more Pride Weekend events, check out www.dallaspride.org.



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