Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bacon, Butter & Booze

dal-09_29_15Five days ago, we visited Pink Magnolia.

Two days ago, we emerged from our sugar coma. Don’t worry, it’s one we anticipated and graciously welcomed after working our way through much of the food menu—and the entire collection of cocktails, from simple champagne concoctions to punch bowls filled with fruity, boozy delights.dal-09_29_15(2)Indeed, as anyone who’s ever dined on the food of “Naughty Chef” Blythe Beck can attest, expectations of indulgence are not only met, but delivered with the same enthusiasm of a cheek-pinching grandmother insisting that we simply must eat more because we’re just way too skinny for her liking.

Blythe greets diners at her Bishop Arts area restaurant with the same charming welcome of a beloved relative. Sometimes it’s a literal welcome with a nod and a smile from the open kitchen, other times it’s the undeniable sense of love experienced with the first bite of the best f*cking biscuit you may ever eat.

Nearly everything on the plate and in the glass here is bold, whether that comes from spice, sweetness or slathered-in-butter goodness. Diets simply must be put on hold the moment you walk through the door.dal-09_29_15(3)Starters like warm crab dip, lamb lollipops and lobster-jalapeño hush puppies set the stage for the meaty carb loading that’s about to continue. Versions of her popular shrimp and chocolate waffles make return appearances, but it’s her simple roasted chicken that completely left us speechless (mostly because we were busy sucking bones).

We can’t wait to return for brunch.

And her family-style Sunday Supper.

Or just any time our life is lacking the words “chicken-fried.”

 Pink Magnolia
642 West Davis Street, Dallas