Put Some Gay In Your Day!

Com Of Finland

usa-10_12_15Time to put some art on your part.

Back in the 1980s at the peak of the AIDS crisis, Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen, 1920-1991)  started to include images of condoms in his homoerotic illustrations to help curb the epidemic through safe sex education in a more subtle way.

Dubbed “the Michelangelo of safe sex,” the artist was responsible for some of the most iconic gay images ever created.usa-10_12_15(2)At last month’s Folsom Street Fair, ONE Condoms introduced a new line of condoms featuring Tom of Finland artwork on the outer packaging and condom wrappers themselves.

It’s a partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation that continues the efforts to promote safer sex.

Available in Super Sensitive (with 50% more lubricant than average styles) and Legend XL (for those lucky chaps), the condoms are extremely comfortable and the packaging is a great reminder that ONE appreciates its gay consumers.

We haven’t been this aroused over art since we found out Mona Lisa was a dude.

ONE Tom of Finland Condoms, $11.99 (12-pack) to $16.99 (24-pack)

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