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Drinking & Riding

dal-11_10_14Pardon us while we put on our Serious Face for a moment.

Three years ago, a friend of ours killed two people while driving drunk and it changed our perspective on everything. No longer was a DUI simply a mistake that would cost us a minimum of $12,000, the rarely-considered possibility of destroying lives came into sharp focus.

This was right about the time Uber came on the scene and we’ve used that service or Lyft religiously ever since. If we know we’re going to an event with an open bar or out on the town with friends, it’s now mandatory line item on our entertainment budget.

But what about those times when we didn’t plan to imbibe, but a beautiful weather day led to a few margaritas on a patio in Uptown? Our only safe option to get home was summoning a ride-share service and hoping we could get a ride back to our car the next morning before work.dal-11_10_14(2)That scenario changes forever with SOFER’D, a new service launched right here in Dallas. Simply request a ride and a two-person team meets you. One driver takes you and your car home while the other follows behind in theirs. You get home safely and so does your vehicle.

A one-time $25 membership (which we can give you for free) gets you unlimited pick-ups and rides to any destination. All you pay is a mileage-based gratuity that ranges from $15 (0-2 miles) to $35 (8.1-10 miles). It’s just $5 for every two miles after that.

The price is about double what you’d pay with UberX or Lyft, but because you’re only paying one-way instead of roundtrip, it balances out. Plus, it’s way cheaper than a roundtrip fare in a taxi.

We’re not giving up drinking any time soon, but with SOFER’D, our bad decisions are limited to which guy joins us in the backseat on the ride home.

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Currently serving Dallas and Collin County



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