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Brunch Of The Month: Carnivorous Delights

dal-11_20_15When the Bloody Mary is made with pork broth, you pretty much know the kind of brunch you’re in for.

Ever since Rapscallion opened on Lowest Greenville Avenue it’s been a meat lover’s paradise at dinner, but that concept translates beautifully to their brunch menu, too.dal-11_20_15(3)

We went last Sunday and it was a packed house, so first and foremost, make reservations. But you won’t mind the wait if you’re holding a Cinnamon Toast Punch (Buffalo Trace, cereal milk, cinnamon and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal) or a Bardstown Breakfast (Maker’s Mark, vanilla, maple and apple bitters), both pictured above. Mimosas aren’t bottomless, but they’re very generous pours for $6 and feature a much higher quality bubbly than what most places serve.

Rapscallion offers plenty of fresh seafood starters, but our eyes went right to the spicy chicken biscuit, which features a spectacular, square buttermilk biscuit with a crispy chicken thigh, honey-mala sauce and a shaved pickle. Our piece of chicken was dwarfed by the biscuit, but we were more obsessed with the bread anyway.

For mains, the signature item is eggs and prime rib, which is rotisserie cooked and topped with horseradish chimichurri. It’s large enough to share between two to four people, depending on what else you order, but a definite must-try.

As excellent as the beef was, it was the duck confit hash (pictured at top) that had us unbuttoning our pants to make more room for food in our belly. Served in a skillet with sweet potatoes, onions, peppers and a poached duck egg, it’s all topped off with a decadent duck-fat hollandaise. We were grateful we had half a biscuit left over from the appetizer to swipe across the cast iron at the end.

Because at Rapscallion, you’ll want to consume every last sip and bite humanly possible.

2023 Greenville Avenue, Dallas