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Wrap Your Lips Around This

usa-11_20_15We’re a nation of suckers.

More than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used every day in the U.S. Personally, we probably go through at least five a day. More if we’re on a mojito bender.

But that ends now.

Dentist/designers Cyndi and Steve Sladics have created beautiful, handmade glass straws that will snazz up any cocktail parties you have in the works this holiday season.

usa-11_20_15(2)You can even keep a set in your car for those drive-thru drink situations. Think they’d be annoyed if we handed them our reusable cup, too?

The glass straw set comes with one straight straw and one angled, as well as a specially designed brush to keep them clean.

The dentists say these are actually better for your teeth, too.

We just like that we can help make the planet better one pucker and slurp at a time.

Glass Straws, $19 (set of two)
Handmade in Costa Mesa, California