Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Homo Sweet Home

usa-12_09_15Drop your underwear!

It’s time to explore a whole new side to Marek + Richard, one of our go-to brands for sexy briefs, jocks and swimsuits.

usa-12_09_15(2)Well now, the ever-busy designers have launched a full line of home goods that are as irreverent and NSFW as walking around the office in your underwear.

Imagine holiday dinner this year served on one of their graphic ceramic plates. The look on Grandma’s face will be priceless as she cuts through a slice of ham to reveal a dish emblazoned with such choice words as ASS, COCK, BALLS or CUNT.

Or perhaps you want something a little more artistic, like plates jam-packed with illustrations of dicks or tits. Maybe a black-and white gay unicorn with a penis for a horn is more your speed.

usa-12_09_15(3)For the living room, you can snatch up a CUNT-CUNT-CUNT pillow. Or make sure the in-laws get the hint faster than ever with your gorgeous new gold-and-white FUCK OFF throw pillow.

We just love this new direction for the Dallas-based underwear company.

We’d love to see them try this over at Fruit of the Loom.


Marek+Richard Home Goods