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Brunch Of The Month: Over The Moon-o For Uno

dal-01_15_16Finding a kindred spirit is one of life’s biggest joys, which is why we want to share the story of how we met Chef Uno (above).

Our attraction was powerful. It was a Sunday afternoon on the patio at her Latin-Asian fusion restaurant, Chino Chinatown at Trinity Groves. As we sat down at a table, our eyes were immediately drawn to the curvaceous beauty silhouetted against the warm summer sun.

Our mouths puckered with excitement as we followed the contours from top to bottom, a single glistening drop of moisture cascading down that lovely sleek neck. We knew without question that the shapely bottle of Prosecco before us was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship with the woman holding it.

It was the first of many bottles of bubbly Uno poured that day while regaling our table of gays with expletive-filled tales of adventure that filled the air with a filthy musicality, frequently drowned out by our collective laughter.

Yep, this is a woman who loves her homos and knows that the surest way to win us over (besides bottles of bubbly) is with a glorious, decadent brunch. And that’s exactly why last weekend she launched a brand-new “Miso Hungover” menu.dal-01_15_16(2)Filled with innovative delights from fried chicken steam buns and tangerine “Lo’mosas” (pictured above) to chorizo-infused Bloody Marys and egg-filled street tacos, the menu delivers robust flavors from top to bottom.dal-01_15_16(3)Her chicken breakfast burrito utilizes a scallion pancake in lieu of a tortilla, perfectly melding Asian and Latin ingredients into one dish, but we find ourselves equally craving the salsa verde chilaquiles (pictured above). The avocado toast and chicken & waffles with jalapeño maple syrup are also killer. Oh, and the tres leches French toast.

Damn. Looks like the only thing we love more than Uno herself is her cooking.

And maybe her tits.

Chino Chinatown “Miso Hungover” Weekend Brunch
Trinity Groves, 3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas
Saturdays and Sundays, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Special Offer: Mention He Said Magazine during brunch hours through January 21, 2016 and receive a complimentary Lo’Mosa courtesy of Chef Uno.



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