Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Shop ‘Til You Drop Your Taco

dal-02_17_16We love eating our way through Sylvan Thirty.

Whether we’re munching on tortilla-wrapped handhelds at Tacodeli, stuffing our face with pizza from CiboDivino, slurping up noodles from Ten Ramen, or diving face-first into a sweet treat at Whisk Crêpes Café, we’ve considered the complex a dining destination ever since it opened.

Well, now we can do a little retail therapy and work off all those calories by dead-lifting shopping bags and lunging for knickknacks at iota.dal-02_17_16(2)For more than three decades, the gallery and gift shop has wowed locals at its Knox Street location, but they’ve just completed a move to equally trendy Sylvan Thirty. The new digs are much closer to owners Dan Dean and Mickey Miller’s East Kessler home, so expect an extra spring in their steps.

If you’ve never been to the old iota, be prepared.

You may never shop for gifts anywhere else thanks to a thoughtful selection of cards, books, jewelry and pretty little designerly things you never knew you (or someone you love) needed.

Plan to call your credit card company before your visit, too.

Nothing like a $1,200 purchase to put the fraud department on high alert.

Sylvan Thirty
1818 Sylvan Thirty Avenue, Dallas