Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

We Like ‘Em Loose

usa-02_17_16Christopher Coccagna often finds himself in hot water.

That’s because he puts his heart and soul into the teas he blends for San Francisco-based T-WE TEA. And you’ll taste it in every sip.

After extensive traveling to experience tea cultures throughout Asia and the UK, the Certified Tea Specialist (pictured above) decided to start his own tea company to show people the power of superb-quality tea.usa-02_17_16(2)Handsome, charming and gay, Christopher knows his way around a pile of rose petals, hibiscus blossoms and black tea leaves. Creating exotic blends and never using additives or flavorings, you get so much incredible flavor that you’ll wonder why we didn’t become teetotalers long ago.

Even if you have no interest in tea, you simply must buy T-WE TEA concoctions just to have them on display.

With names like Bicurious George, Oolong Rouge, Bitter Queen, Scandalous Manfriend and Guuurl Grey, these teas have personality both inside and out of the box.

When it comes to tea, Christopher definitely likes his loose, but we can’t help but think of tea bagging every time we see him.

No clue why.

T-WE TEA, $15

Photo Credit: Tamisie Honey