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Dirty Smartphone Secrets

usa-02_25_16Most of us, if not all of us, are guilty of having very, very dirty smartphones. And that’s just the images in our camera roll.

But it’s what’s on the outside that really counts when it comes to germs. Think of all the things you touch in a day. Now think how many of those things are filthy as hell. All those microscopic terror particles are easily transferred to your smartphone.

Essentially you’re carrying around a petri dish with text messaging capability.

usa-02_25_16(2)Well now there’s an effective solution that will help you rest easier about your unnatural addiction to your favorite device.

Say “Get Well Soon” to your phone and “Hello” to PhoneSoap 2.0.

This sleek little case not only charges your phone, but sanitizes it with UV light. Two UV-C lamps in PhoneSoap 2.0 produce a very specific wavelength of light which encompass your phone and pass through the cell walls of bacteria and virus to impair their DNA. Once the DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer cause infections or disease.

Best of all, PhoneSoap 2.0 works with almost any phone and there’s PhoneSoap XL for tablets, too.

Now if only they’d make one big enough for the guys we date. Then we’d really rest easy.

PhoneSoap 2.0, $59.95