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Golden-Brown Opportunity

usa-03_07_16We pale by comparison—to just about anyone with even a hint of skin color.

Yes, we’re pigmentally challenged.

Decades ago we gave up trying to get a legitimate sun-baked tan. If we used a low SPF lotion, we burned to a bright red crisp. If we frequently reapplied high SPF and camped out on a beach for a few hours, sure, we’d get some color, but only from our freckles connecting to one another in disturbing constellations of brown across our sad, milky skin.

So that leaves us few options if we want to exude a golden glow to compete with our delightful light-up-a-room personality.

We can get a spray tan. Or we can find someone to rub us down with self-tanner (Who knew there was a Craig’s List category just for that!).

Just in time for Spring Break, XEN-TAN has introduced two new self-tanners: the Clean Collection Fresh Tanning Mousse and Transformation Ultra (Ultra Dark). Both are great ways to get a natural looking tan without any of the harmful side effects of solar power.

usa-03_07_16(2)Fresh Tanning Mousse starts off colorless and develops into a stunning olive tone that blends naturally with your skin, while receiving nutritional benefits and hydration from green tea, Ginkgo Biloba, aloe vera, peptides, broccoli seed and Vitamins D and E.

usa-03_07_16(3)Transformation Ultra, on the other hand (leg, arm, chest and butt), has many of the same components as the mousse, but gets an extra kick from Moroccan oil and humectants that evenly distribute the color all over your skin. Leave it on for as little as one hour or up to a full 10 hours, depending on what shade of brown you want.

Personally, we like it really deep.

Clean Collection Fresh Tanning Mousse, $48
Transformation Ultra (Ultra Dark), $65

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