Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dallas Weekend Guide: March 10 – 13

dal-03_10_16To paraphrase in song the most famous line of a red-headed orphan, “The sun will come out—at least by Sunday!”

The rain this week has been crazy, but by mid-weekend it should be springtime again. So here are four things to do indoors until then and a patio event to celebrate the return of Mr. Sunshine. Good thing all the bears in town aren’t afraid of getting wet.


Woody’s opens its song catalog up to all the bears for two hours, followed by an open-to-everyone night of karaoke.
The Full Scoop: www.dallaswoodys.com

dal-03_10_16(3)Mr. & Miss Highland Park USofA & Miss Highland Park USofA Newcomer
A spectacular pageant filled with fierce contestants, from sexy men to deliciously fishy men in drag. There are crowns up for grab, so anything can happen.
The Full Scoop: www.partyattheblock.com


dal-03_10_16(4)A Tribute to The Beatles
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra combines culture and pop culture in this tribute to the Fab Four. You might need your Yellow Submarine to get there, but it’ll be wonderful when you do.
The Full Scoop: www.mydso.org


dal-03_10_16(5)Fat Friday Bear Dance TBRU 21
One of the many Texas Bear Roundup Events this weekend, this Mardi Gras-themed dance will make you growl with delight.
The Full Scoop: www.partyattheblock.com


dal-03_10_16(6)Beer Fest at Hidden Door
Starting at noon, 14 hours of 75¢ draft beer. Also with plenty of bears in attendance!
The Full Scoop: www.hiddendoor-dallas.com