Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Meat & Potatoes. Also, Food.

usa031016Getting us into the kitchen to prepare meals is difficult. But after reading Weslo’s Home-O-Erotic Cookbook, things just got a lot harder. Like four-hours-call-a-doctor hard.

The cooking, however, is definitely going to be easier.

That’s because this how-to guide is an ingenious blend of hard-core food porn and soft-core man porn. These gorgeous, scantily clad guys have motivated us to not only dust off our pots and pans, but also try out some of the healthier recipes. You know, so we too can be cookbook-model fit.usa-03_10_16(2)With step-by-step instructions for more than 100 dishes and drinks, the sexy men come in as many varieties as the food. Plus, the recipes from chef Jehn Ngo are as delicious as the guys.usa-03_10_16(3)It’s not just about the photos, either. The text is a fun and witty read with just the right amount of innuendo and clever plays on words.usa-03_10_16()We haven’t had this much fun reading a cookbook since Martha Stewart’s one-pot-meals nip slip of 2005.

Weslo’s Home-O-Erotic Cookbook
$39.99 at home-o-erotic.com & amazon.com
Check out their Indiegogo campaign, too at indiegogo.com

Photos by Adrian Lopez

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