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Cooking With Craig

craig-headshotSay what you will, the times we live in are interesting. And you need go no further than Facebook for a cacophony of opinions and perspectives on everything that’s going on. That is, if you haven’t unfriended everyone who posts things that don’t reinforce your point of view. And you have that right, but it’s a whole lot less interesting living in a world where everyone agrees with you.

Now I’m hardly qualified to speak about the virtual world since I don’t tweet or twitter or grind…if you catch my meaning…but I have been interested in what people post as commentary on what’s going on in the world. Until recently. Now I’m getting a bit irritated.

Now to the cooking. A reduction takes a liquid mixture and thickens it and intensifies its flavor by simmering or boiling without a lid. (Bet you didn’t think I knew that, did you?) Now that we’ve got the pot on, let’s see how every single presidential candidate’s supporters have been “reduced” by their opponents. In both parties, mind you.

From the left, Senator Sanders’ supporters are a bunch of idealistic (code: stupid) young people who act entitled and want free stuff—like college tuition and health care—mixed with old people who are still bitter that the Age of Aquarius didn’t turn out like they planned. Secretary Clinton, on the other hand, is supported by the Democratic Establishment…a group too comfortable and too cozy with the status quo to dream big. In other words, sell-outs.

From the left, Mr. Trump has a bunch of straight-up racist vulgarians supporting him, who will quickly resort to violence in the face of opposition. Senator Cruz, with his inflexible ideology, has the support of religious zealots whose intolerance would take the country back 50 years…or more. (There’s no reduction available on Governor Kasich’s supporters, because they don’t seem to exist in large numbers outside of Ohio. And no one is talking about them anyway. Yet.)

You see, it doesn’t bother me in the least when the candidates are called communists, criminals, liars, psychopaths, or booger eaters. (Well, that last one bothers me a little bit.) They’re candidates; they signed up for this. But we all have friends—Facebook or otherwise—who support these candidates, and they don’t fit into the “reductions.” So, for those who can’t resist the very real temptation (I know just how real) to weigh in on everything that shows up in your scroll, please understand that my failure to click “like” or comment on your posts may mean that I’m not amused. Or maybe I’m bemused. Or maybe I just want to pretend I didn’t see it the next time I see you.

Now, back to cooking. As I understand it, reducing too long or too much will simply result in a hot sticky mess in your pot. And who wants that? So the experienced cook will know when to stop reducing. And when to put a lid on it.