Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Neck & Neck

usa-03_28_16Even though we often work entire days in a robe, underwear or nothing but a Bounty paper towel protecting the dining room chair from our bare crackage, we’re have a passion for fashion.

We just don’t always like the whole procurement part.

That’s why we have subscription services for everything from underwear to mafia pinkie rings (we tried to cancel that one, but, well, you know).

Now we’ve just discovered the fun (and value) of The Tie Fix, a service that delivers a boxful of ties and accessories for just $14.99 per month.

usa-03_28_16(3)We just received our first collection (pictured above) and it contained a skinny tie, a standard-width tie, a pair of socks and a wraparound coil bracelet. Total retail value is close to $180, so you don’t need a Texas Instruments graphing calculator to realize the bargain in that box.

Pay for a whole year’s worth ($149.99) and each box drops to just under $12.50.

If you’re not the commitment-loving type, though, don’t worry. The Tie Fix has your back (and neck). You can order the same box-of-the-month for a one-time $19.99.

We’re just excited because now we can work from home sitting on that paper towel with nothing on but a smile.

And a really cute skinny tie.

The Tie Fix
$14.99 per month (subscription)
$19.99 per box (one-time purchase)
$149.99 (yearly subscription)