Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bubble Overload

usa-03_29_16Get ready for a “fizzy illogical” reaction.

That’s because the Bonne O sparkling beverage system completely defies expectations when it comes to carbonating your next drink.

No matter what that drink may be.usa-03_29_16(2)We once tried to sparkle wine with another home-carbonation appliance and it worked fine the first time. The next attempt, however, we got a little aggressive with the CO2 and ended up with a sauvignon blanc tsunami that left sticky vino all over the walls, ceiling and any pet within a ten-foot radius.

But that will never happen with the Bonne O because it uses carbonating tablets instead of CO2 canisters, actually allowing you the freedom to carbonate everything from wine to vodka to fruit juice.usa-03_29_16(3)Of course, you can make fruit or herb-infused sparkling waters and sodas of all sorts with your own fresh ingredients. All you need is really cold water, a little creative inspiration and about four minutes to go from boring to bubbly.

Or, just use Bonne O to make and endless amount of vodka sodas, the Official Gay Drink Of The Universe. They even provide a recipe(!) for the two-ingredient cocktail.

Which is perfect for those times when even that seems complicated.

Bonne O
Complete systems from $149.99